Leisure Time Replenish

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Replenish is a 4-in-1 mixture which includes the capability of Oxone? with chlorine to shock oxidize buffer and also make clear spa water. It's perfect for spas with mineral methods and it is suitable for chlorine & bromine sanitizers. Replenish is totally soluble dissolves rapidly and will keep spa water very clear & inviting.? Features: Shock oxidizer buffer and clarifier Oxidizes gets rid of as well as controls natural contaminants Ideal for spas with mineral methods Combines the capability of Oxone? with chlorine For using in all the spa variations Quick dissolving Fast acting Clears cloudy h2o Reduces chloramines Applications: For many spas with regular bathing tons Replenish must be added after every use and when every week for maintenance. Include 1 and one half (one?) ounces of Replenish for each 300 gallons of spa water uniformly with the surface area of the water. Use once the spa is not being used. Every ounce of Replenish will generate the no cost chlorine focus by aproximatelly two ppm within 300 gallons of h2o. Test the sanitizer amount just before re entry to make certain the recurring sanitizer focus is between 1 3 ppm. Tips: Always eat Replenish with pump as well as filter running to confirm total blending plus good blood circulation. Agreeable With: Chlorine bromine ozone as well as salt water sanitizing methods Replenish is totally soluble and dissolves fast therefore no blending is needed.

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